Working Out the Kinks

‘Working Out the Kinks’ focuses on the darker side of relationships, and how far one will go in order to find the truth. Alexandra Hayes learns what it’s like to explore the edge of darkness in order to help her friend, and inevitably must decided whether to take the plunge or not.

Book One: Working Out the Kinks (Reissue Coming, 2014)

‘Working Out the Kinks’ 

“So you know Whitney,” he mused casually, keeping his back to me. In shock, I watched him remove the latex gloves on his hands with a loud, snapping noise and toss them into the trash bin in the corner. I felt like a deer in the headlights, caught, and knowing I needed to run or risk my life standing there. And with most of my clothes still discarded on the chair beside me, there wasn’t a good chance I could get out quick enough with my decency still intact.

I mentally told myself to remain calm. To keep relaxed, just as he had told me to do moments ago.

“Yes, she’s my friend,” I said after regaining some composure.

Dr. Pierce spun around on his heel, wearing a new pair of gloves, and returned to stand between my outstretched legs.

“Why are you here?” he asked me. I felt him touch my thigh. My mouth parted, my breath coming in quick gasps of air. He squeezed my sensitive skin, causing me to suck in my bottom lip between my teeth.

“I want…”

Getting words out was proving to be more than a challenge.

“What do you want, Alexandra?”

His eyes challenged me to speak.

“I want what she has. I want a collar.”

And like that, I had sealed my fate. I hadn’t even given my words any contemplation; they just came. I knew what had been around Whitney’s neck even before I had stepped foot inside the exam room.



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