What’s my kink?


Posting book reviews hadn’t been my thing before, but I am compelled to post one now.

This book has everything about my kink down to a solid T. ‘My Hot Teacher’ by Isabella Johns. Kinky already by the title, it will hold a special place in my virtual bookshelf for as long as my iPad functions correctly.

The self-published book begins with a hilarious commentary by the heroine, detailing her endeavors with the opposite sex. She’s had zero luck in the love department and shows us how bad its really been (panic attack blow-jobs, sticky porno mags, and a strange guy friend flasher). Johns creates such an awkward and adorable character that even with the book’s blemishes (grammar/formatting mostly), I still found myself falling deep into the world of My Hot Teacher.

In walks Professor Beard. Not the most erotic name, but one that I am still drawn to as I keeping turning the page. When the heroine asks what his first name is, while they are just about to seal the deal (a good amount of penis is involved in this situation), he replies:

“In class it is Professor Beard. In my bed it’s simply Professor.”

And now I will need a new pair of panties, Ms. Johns. Thank you very, very much for creating that line.

It goes without saying that this is definitely a hot novel. If you have ever imagined getting laid by a hot English teacher, all while calling him Professor, you are in for a treat. The entire time I read this I imagined Tom Hiddleston as Professor Beard, which helped hotten the character even more. Who ever becomes your Professor Beard, just know that you’re in for a good, hard, and fast ride.

Just make sure to thank your Professor when he gives you multiple orgasms.

Packing for a blog tour!

So excited to announce that I will be doing a blog tour in the very near future for ‘Trusting the Knot’!

Now the fun begins.. giveaway ideas! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for contests. When I know more about where I’ll be I’ll post my schedule here. Stay tuned.

I’ve gotten through only about a handful of the book swag from RWA. I’m still in need of about four more brains to power into all the goodies I got this year. I’m loving everything I’ve received, the authors this year really did step it up.

I’m so loving the fact that someone took the condom out of my swag gear this year and left it behind. I will forever treasure this.

Shit got real

Happy reading to you all this week!

xo, Kara

24 hours and counting…

The moment I’ve been waiting for since I went rogue and left my publishing house earlier this year. I’m so excited to be able to say that ‘Breaking the Chains’ will be available in less than 24 hours from now. I wrote it during a very dark time in my life, and seeing it as it is now reminds me of my battles. It’s like old scars that I wear with pride.

I hope to have the third book in the series out later, but in the meantime, here’s a photo of Houdini in chains.