Romancing The Pen

FINALLY! My cherished little baby ‘Romancing The Pen’ is schedule for May 13th but the pre-sale is up NOW! Check it out and fall in love with romance writer’s (the hero) all over again!

Tweet: Romancing The Pen is now up for PRE-SALE! This one goes out to all the writing muses in the romance genre. We love you!

Romancing TheRomancing The Pen

A seasoned writer with secrets to protect…

Carson Reid is stuck, and not in a situation he’s unfamiliar with. He’s been writing romance novels for years now, so you would think that by now he’d be used to going through the motions. But once more, he’s stuck at the precipice of writing the big “sex scene”… But one quick encounter with a mystery beauty leads him to realize that she’s his long lost writing muse.

A powerful publisher with an agenda of her own…

Kate has had it with men. After building her entire publishing empire on the bones of those that have tried getting in her way, she’s not about to let some love-challeged writer blind her goals. But even under her toughened exterior there is a longing for something. Or someone.

The meeting seemed causal enough. No “shop talk”, no strings attached, and definitely no talking about one another’s history. So what’s one night of passion? Just pure, sexy fun. Again, and again, and again…

But once the spark returns to Carson’s writing, he’s hooked. And he will do anything to make sure that Kate sticks around to see the end of his story complete. Even if it means destroying every wall they both built to keep their hearts safe from harm.


I have way too many babies to tend to.


Seriously. Why is it that a writer’s brain tends to veer off of the main road when new inspiration hits? Romancing the Pen is first, followed by “Wolf Girl” part 1 and 2. And now…

Ugh, and now there is something completely new and exciting forming in my head.

Procrastination comes in many forms, this being one of them. What I should be doing is focusing on RtP. 90k words signals to me that there is an ending in sight. It’s my little slice of Chicago when I get to typing. I love the characters, the humor, the love scenes…

But then “Wolf Girl” starts calling me. Out of no where! Why the hell did I ever think this up? Why am I writing about wolves? Why isn’t something/someone being tied up? It’s fun, dangerous, exciting, and extremely new to write.

And finally, my newest born.. a complete side road, off the beaten path(s). A piano teacher forms. Why is he hurting? What happened in his past? And more importantly… Why am I writing this?

I know I shouldn’t judge my writing. Every single workshop I’ve taken tells me to just go with it. Write what I want, when I want. And in the end, that’s what I’ll do. Write about a wolf girl, write about a smoldering piano instructor, and write about Chicago. The life of a writer isn’t glamorous or straight arrow. It’s messy, confusing, depressing, and oddly entertaining. No matter how many “babies” I create, I’ll do my best to love them all equally.

And now back to the drawing board.

… and the blog tour continues!

Coming soon to a blog near you!

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I’m going to need POUNDS of coffee to keep up each day with where I’ll be. Hope to see you there!

♥ Kara

The blog tour begins…

♥ Blog Tour! | August 27, 2014 ♥

Where ‘Trusting the Knot’ will be stopping at, starting today!

Trusting the Knot l Book Cover

August 27th: Starter Day Party @ I Heart Reading
August 29th: Promo Post @ Bookaholic Ramblings
August 31st: Book Excerpt @ I’m an Eclectic Reader
September 1st: Promo Post @ Sunshine Book Promotions
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September 10th: Book Review @ Forever Book Lover

Blog Tour Announcement!

I’ll be starting my blog tour on August 27th! I’m so happy to share with everyone my newest novel, Trusting the Knot. Click the image to check out the information on the tour. Later I’ll be posting the dates and locations of where I’ll be. Hope to see you there!



“So, it’s a werewolf story?”


My old man tends to say the sweetest things to me while we’re walking our dog at night. Last night he asked how my writing has been going. I told him about my new outline I was forming while doing a 1k write-a-thon at my friend’s house. It involves shape shifter wolves, something I’ve never written about in my history of writing. Normally I’m all for the modern day tie em’ up, spank them, and let’s see how many orgasms you can get out of her, kind of writer. 

But what struck me as annoying was when he asked, “So, it’s a werewolf story?”

No, it’s not. It’s a wolf story.

“But isn’t that the same thing?”

No, it’s not.

… Right?

Honestly, I have no idea, but something irks me when I imagine it as a werewolf story. I’m probably comparing tomatoes (to-MAY-toes) to tomatoes (to-MAH-toes) but it’s in my nature to be OCD about things. So if you’re ever out walking Miss. Cleo with me late at night, just don’t bring up werewolves. Apparently, I get annoyed by the notion. 

And now, back to my wolf-girl story. 

What’s my kink?


Posting book reviews hadn’t been my thing before, but I am compelled to post one now.

This book has everything about my kink down to a solid T. ‘My Hot Teacher’ by Isabella Johns. Kinky already by the title, it will hold a special place in my virtual bookshelf for as long as my iPad functions correctly.

The self-published book begins with a hilarious commentary by the heroine, detailing her endeavors with the opposite sex. She’s had zero luck in the love department and shows us how bad its really been (panic attack blow-jobs, sticky porno mags, and a strange guy friend flasher). Johns creates such an awkward and adorable character that even with the book’s blemishes (grammar/formatting mostly), I still found myself falling deep into the world of My Hot Teacher.

In walks Professor Beard. Not the most erotic name, but one that I am still drawn to as I keeping turning the page. When the heroine asks what his first name is, while they are just about to seal the deal (a good amount of penis is involved in this situation), he replies:

“In class it is Professor Beard. In my bed it’s simply Professor.”

And now I will need a new pair of panties, Ms. Johns. Thank you very, very much for creating that line.

It goes without saying that this is definitely a hot novel. If you have ever imagined getting laid by a hot English teacher, all while calling him Professor, you are in for a treat. The entire time I read this I imagined Tom Hiddleston as Professor Beard, which helped hotten the character even more. Who ever becomes your Professor Beard, just know that you’re in for a good, hard, and fast ride.

Just make sure to thank your Professor when he gives you multiple orgasms.

Packing for a blog tour!

So excited to announce that I will be doing a blog tour in the very near future for ‘Trusting the Knot’!

Now the fun begins.. giveaway ideas! I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve for contests. When I know more about where I’ll be I’ll post my schedule here. Stay tuned.

I’ve gotten through only about a handful of the book swag from RWA. I’m still in need of about four more brains to power into all the goodies I got this year. I’m loving everything I’ve received, the authors this year really did step it up.

I’m so loving the fact that someone took the condom out of my swag gear this year and left it behind. I will forever treasure this.

Shit got real

Happy reading to you all this week!

xo, Kara