I have way too many babies to tend to.


Seriously. Why is it that a writer’s brain tends to veer off of the main road when new inspiration hits? Romancing the Pen is first, followed by “Wolf Girl” part 1 and 2. And now…

Ugh, and now there is something completely new and exciting forming in my head.

Procrastination comes in many forms, this being one of them. What I should be doing is focusing on RtP. 90k words signals to me that there is an ending in sight. It’s my little slice of Chicago when I get to typing. I love the characters, the humor, the love scenes…

But then “Wolf Girl” starts calling me. Out of no where! Why the hell did I ever think this up? Why am I writing about wolves? Why isn’t something/someone being tied up? It’s fun, dangerous, exciting, and extremely new to write.

And finally, my newest born.. a complete side road, off the beaten path(s). A piano teacher forms. Why is he hurting? What happened in his past? And more importantly… Why am I writing this?

I know I shouldn’t judge my writing. Every single workshop I’ve taken tells me to just go with it. Write what I want, when I want. And in the end, that’s what I’ll do. Write about a wolf girl, write about a smoldering piano instructor, and write about Chicago. The life of a writer isn’t glamorous or straight arrow. It’s messy, confusing, depressing, and oddly entertaining. No matter how many “babies” I create, I’ll do my best to love them all equally.

And now back to the drawing board.

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